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The recent death of a Silicon Valley executive, David Goldberg, due to a treadmill accident highlighted the need for vigilance when using these machines.

Let’s look at some ways to keep you safe.

First, always attach the safety key to your clothes prior to starting the treadmill.

Should you fall, the key will immediately detach and the treadmill will turn off.

Next, straddle the deck when starting the treadmill and allow the belt to start its rotation prior to stepping on it.

Third, don’t look down. It can cause you to lose your balance.

Be realistic about your exercise goals.

Visit your doctor prior to starting any exercise program.

When done, come to a complete stop prior to getting off.

In general, keep the machine away from walls.

Thus, if you do fall off, you should not get pinned between a working machine and the wall.

Furthermore, children should always be kept away from this machine at all times.

It is not a ride.

We, at Michael’s Body Scenes will be more than happy to instruct you to proper use of these (and all machines) so that you can get the best use of these products.

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