Perspective is everything…depending on who you’re rooting for. One thing is for certain. The players involved in these players won’t forget their actions … ever.

1.How A Homerun Turns Into An RBI Single

You hit a homerun, then pass up the guy that was on first base. In baseball, there’s no passing a base runner.

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2.Three Errors … One Play

In 2004, the LA Dodgers were having a really bad day. Here’s how you can have one play, but manage 3 errors. It was a day both the Dodgers and the San Diego Padres will never forget.

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3.Note To Self: Don’t Trip The Baserunner

Even when not intentional, getting in the way of the baserunner can be costly. Boston found this out when Cardinal tripped when taking off for home. Although clearly out, he was ruled safe at home because of an obstruction call.

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